Event Manager X

Event Manager X

I recently discovered the small utility Event Manager X. I wish I only did so earlier – it is a must-have for anyone using Final Cut Pro X with many projects and/or volumes.

By automating the process of hiding Events and Project folders, FCPX will only load media from those being checked. That speeds up start-time as well as improve general speed inside of FCPX.


A few nice features:

  • It will remember content of non-mounted disks, so I don’t.
  • The column width is largers than inside of FCPX, making it now possible to use longer names
  • You can create sets with relevant collection of events & project for fast loading

The only thing I miss, is that it will only work with the first level of items to enable/disable. If you have your projects inside of folders, you will only be able to enable the full folder, not the individual projects. So, consequensly you man need to consider to flaten out your structure and instead you sets.

Well invested $4,95.