Podcast #1 – Establish a podcast

I have for long been listening to podcasts, both with voice & video and am now dependent on the convenience of being able to consume content at various places such as in the car, while vacuum cleaning etc.

Now that our business (in one area) wanted to publish from scratch, came the questions how you actually do it.

The prime scene is to be able to syndicate your content to Apple’s iTunes due to the established audience there.

The requirements are rather simple from the look at it:

  • Put your content at a public location (supporting byte range support)
  • Create a compliant RSS do point to your content ( http://media59.se/feed/podcast/ )
  • Request a podcast from iTunes and wait for approval

From there on, keep updating your RSS stream and point to new & updated content.

This post represent content in terms of text & voice media. It is referenced by a RSS stream pointing to it’s location, in this case my WordPress blog.

To be continued in next post…