Uk Read And Publish (Springer Compact) Agreement

The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Austria, Max Planck in Germany and, more recently, Finland, Hungary, Poland and Qatar have signed Read-Publish agreements with Springer Nature, much like Swedish. In this section, we give an overview of Springer Nature`s Springer Compact chords. The agreements with Hungary, Poland and Qatar were signed according to the scoreboard and are therefore omitted below. Average cost per year 2016-2018, with and without Springer Compact (SC). Without SC V1 and V2, the costs are hypothetical if Springer Compact had not been signed. V1 is based on the number of hybrid OA articles published in 2013-2016, provided that the OA hybrid publication with Springer Nature increases. V2 gives a more conservative estimate. The university has signed a transformative agreement with Portland Press for an unlimited number of open access articles for research and critical articles with a Cambridge University author in the seven Portland Press journals (five hybrid titles plus two full OA magazines). A transformation agreement is negotiated between institutions or consortia such as Jisc, in which Open Access publishing fees are also included in a magazine or publishing subscription. A transformation agreement, also known as the Read and Publish agreement, pushes back the focal point of the academic publication of the subscription model to make the open access standard.

The model is based on evidence that the amount currently paid in Journal`s subscription fee could cover the open access costs of each item. The cost in 2017 to institutions in the Springer Compact (SC) agreement, with and without the support of the National Library and the Swedish Research Council. The Swedish agreement included the publication of OA in springers 1705 hybrid magazines (Springer Open Choice magazines) and the reading of 2,110 E-Journals available on the SpringerLink (Springer) platform. It is important to note that the agreement did not fully cover OA magazines in the Springer Natures portfolio. The agreement included the publication of original documents, review documents, communications to letters and continuing education. Swedish researchers were unable to opt out of the publication of OA in Springer Compact. “Our priority during these negotiations was to reach an agreement that meets the sector`s criteria for transformation agreements, is consistent with the principles of Plan S and is consistent with the new Wellcome Trust OA policy. The resulting agreement builds on the success of the first three-year contract and will continue to bring administrative efficiency to British researchers and their institutions. According to the agreement, the publication of a maximum of 4,162 articles6 was covered by swedish authors corresponding to the participating institutions.