United In Agreement Crossword

The Greek god Ares is often called the Olympic god of war, but originally he was considered the god of bloodlust and carnage. Are united with Aphrodite to create several gods, including Phobos (Fear), Deimos (Terror) and Eros (desire). Ares was the son of Zeus and Heraiah, and the Roman equivalent of Ares was Mars. 1 food nutrients that could be saturated: FATS 5 Trooper Automakers: ISUZU 10 Docks: PIERS 15 Father of Leif: ERIK 16 Curry Spice: CUMIN 17 Away from the dock, perhaps: AT SEA 18 Florida Swim-with-the-dolphins Park: MARINELAND 20 Flash Bolt: USAIN 21 1860s prez: ABE 22 Energy source: OIL 23 Energy source with tunnels: COAL MINE 25 Slangy “Now , it`s clear”: I GOT YA 28 Miler Sebastian: COE 29 Tree pod used as spare chocolate: CAROB 31 Muslim Mystic: SUFI 34 Bellicose God: ARES 38 Symphony Wind: OBOE 39 With 43-Across, America … or what 18, 23-, 53- and 63-Across contain, in short: UNITED … 41 Black-clad sub-bodybuilder: GOTH 42 Scout Groups: DENS 43 See 39-Across: … STATES 44 “Back forty” Unit: ACRE 45 “What`s more … “Also … 46 words of doom: AH ME 47 Preferred on Facebook: LIKED 48 Pester: NAG 50 Amber and Epoxy: RESINS 53 Giant Enterprise Agreement: MEGADEAL 58 Sign of the Zodiac Butter: RAM 59 Smartphone No.: TEL 62 Rossini Work: OPERA 63 One that requires a jeken payment? : ARCADE GAME 66 Sexy Poster: PINUP 67 Large Blood Vessel: AORTA 68 Grand – Car Race: PRICE 69 Bloodhound es clue: SCENT 70 Haughty one: SNOOT 71 – Spumante wein: ASTI Below are the possible answers for cross-response Note by mutual agreement. Anwar Sadat was Egypt`s third president until his assassination in 1981. Sadat was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1978 with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin for his role in the development of the 1978 Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty at Camp David. It was this agreement that, for the most part, led to Sadat`s assassination three years later. If you still haven`t solved the crossword Note United; agree then, why not browse our database in search of the letters you already have! Lexi Thompson has been a professional golfer since the age of 15 and won her first LPGA tournament at just 16, which is a record.

Thompson also qualified for the U.S. Women`s Open at the age of 12, making her the youngest golfer to compete in the tournament. Leif Erikson was a Nordic explorer and the first European to land in North America, about 500 years before the landing of Christopher Columbus in 1492. The Norsemen called the territory they discovered “Vinland,” which could be translated as “wine country” or “pasture.” Erikson built a small village called Leifsbudir, which archaeologists believe has been found in Newfoundland, at L`Anse aux Meadows. The colony that was discovered in Newfoundland is definitely Norwegian, but there is some controversy as to whether it is really Erikson`s Leifsbudir. According to the Bible, Adam and Eve had several children, although only the first three are mentioned by name: 8, Abel and Seth. The Gothic subculture developed in the early 1980s from the Gothic rock scene and is a derivative of the punk music movement. It started in England and spread to many countries around the world. The term “goth” comes from the East German tribe, the Goths. “Criminal Minds” is a crime drama that aired on CBS since 2005. The stories revolve around the FBI`s Behavioral Analysis Unit in Quantico, Virginia. The aorta gushes into the heart and extends to the belly.

It`s the largest artery in the body. Isuzu is a Japanese automaker that has great success, especially in the heavyweight and medium-sized market. However, you will see fewer and fewer Isuzu cars on U.S. roads, as the company left the U.S. passenger car market in 2008. The Isuzu Trooper was one of the company`s most successful SUVs and was produced between 1981 and 2005.