Monthly Archives: November 2013

Web GUI for Tellstick Duo devices

remotestick-serverI wanted a clean and simple web interface to turn on/off my devices. It should also work on an iPhone or iPad.

I found that the remotestick-server created by Patrik Åkerfeldt was exactly what I wanted. It is based on the lean python framework Bottle.

The only tweek I have made so far is to filter my device listing to the devices beginning with underscore will not show up. The reason for is it to be able to define all my switches but only show the active one in the GUI.

Installation is simple:

  1. Install the bottle framework with: sudo apt-get install python-bottle
  2. Download and upack remotestick-server from GitHub.
  3. Create a directory and put the files here:
    mkdir ~/remotestick-server
  4. Start the server: python –host= –port=8422 –user=xx pass=secret
  5. Turn your browser to

You should of course replace the IP address with the one for your RPi). You may omit user & pass for a local installation to avoid a login-page.