Acl Master Subscription Agreement

This MSA can only be amended by written agreement between the parties. When the subscriber renews his subscription for a later subscription period, the extension services are subject to the MSA which takes effect from the effective date of the renewal, unless the parties have agreed otherwise. 8.1. By both parties. The CGA and the subscriber each represent: (a) that they have the full legal and entrepreneurial right and authority to conclude this agreement and fulfill all its obligations and to grant all rights it grants under this agreement; (b) the person making this agreement on behalf of that party has the full right and power to do so and to attach it under this agreement; (c) it will comply with all laws and regulations (including all data protection laws and all export, anti-corruption, child and human rights laws) applicable to that party in the context of services or the agreement; and (d) the entry and execution of this Agreement are not contrary to third party agreements or obligations that have bound it. c. Added users. The subscriber can add additional users to the subscriber`s subscription for the duration of the subscription (“Additional User”). ACG will notify the subscriber in advance of the additional pro-rata charges associated with additional users. Subscribers may be required to change their existing order form or enter a new order form to add other users. In the event of a delay in executing an order form for other users, ACG reserves the right to proportionately reduce the fees charged to these additional users instead of extending the duration of the subscription, depending on the reduction in the validity of the subscription for additional users – which should ensure that the expiry dates of the subscriber`s initial order form and the additional user order form are co-dated.

1.1. Order forms. Subscribers subscribe to services by entering an order form (as modified, extended, replaced or renewed from time to time) between subscribers and the ACG (“order form” of the subscriber) for a specified subscription period (the “subscription duration”). The order form is one of the following order forms: (a) a written order form or other agreement (including potential exposures) made by subscribers and CGAs; (b) if warranted, ACG accepts the conclusion of the required online ordering process within the ACG subscription portal; or (c) if you subscribe through an authorized ACG reseller, the agreements entered into by the subscriber and reseller and approved by ACG, as well as any additional agreements that ACG may require.