Att Accept Amb Agreement

This Agreement, including the AT-T privacy policy, which relates to, the review of the after-sales service and the terms of use of wireless products, functions, applications and services (“Services”) that are not described here and are published on the corresponding AT-T sites or devices, as well as all documents expressly stated in this Agreement constitute the full agreement between you and AT-T and all previous agreements and agreements relating to the purpose of this agreement. The agreement applies to a first term beginning on the effective date and valid for a period of two years. At the end of this initial term, the agreement will automatically continue from month to month, unless one party announces to the other party its intention to authorize the expiry of the contract within thirty days before the expiry of the current term. The “effective date” is the date on which the client accepted the agreement for the electronic acceptance process of the AMB contract by AT-T. Each IRU participating in the sponsorship program must: (a) enter into a separate wireless service agreement between the IRU and AT-T with an eligible plan (an “IRU service agreement” each) and be responsible for compliance with a separate wireless agreement, including, but not limited to, the corresponding obligations to comply with all the terms of the plan and to pay all costs arising from the IRU service contract; and (b) to comply from time to time with the principles of activation, validation, migration, upgrade and related procedures, including and without limitation of payment of registration fees. AT T will work with the customer to set up a single username and password (password) to access and use the portal to purchase crUs services and equipment. Customers can change their username and password at their sole discretion. The customer is responsible for the confidentiality of his password and the customer assumes responsibility for all activities that take place via the portal in connection with this password. AT T can count on the authority of anyone who accesses the customer`s account through the portal or otherwise using the customer`s password.

If you receive a service under a signed contract or other agreement with AT-T and it is currently in effect, the terms of delivery of your AT-T service apply. Please note this document. By accepting the agreement on behalf of the customer, I represent and guarantee that: 3.3 What information, content and applications are provided by third parties? 1.1 How long is my service? How can I fulfill my duty of service? What are my rights to terminate the service and terminate my contract? 6.10.2 Global Add-On/DataConnect Global Plans/DataConnect North America Plans For each CRU terminated by the Service more than thirty (30) days after activation, but before the expiry of the current service obligation, the customer agrees to pay a cancellation fee in the amount listed below in addition to all other amounts due (cancellation fee). The cancellation fee for certain devices (z.B smartphones) is $325 minus $10 per month for the CRU service commitment. (For a full list of devices listed, see Otherwise, the cancellation fee is $150 minus $4 for each full month for the CRU service commitment. The cancellation fee is not a penalty, but a fee to compensate AT-T for the customer`s non-compliance with the service obligation. In order to avoid any doubt, the customer does not pay a cancellation fee as part of one of the AT-T pricing options for the steward`s plan, described in the corresponding online installation on the program`s website. The customer acknowledges and accepts that the porting of a CRU number to a non-AT-T service provider before the end of the current service obligation constitutes a termination subject to the cancellation fee.