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ToF sensor test

This is a test of the VL-6180X with a range of 0-100 mm.

Here I have it mounted on an Arduino Uno board.

Aruino – VL
5V – VIN
Gnd – Gnd
A5 – SCL
A4 – SDA

Time of flight sensor connected to an Arduino Uno

Time of flight sensor connected to an Arduino Uno



Funky 3

This is a hobby project by Martin Harizanov. A small Arduiono with usb and radio module.
This is v3 of my “Funky” Arduino clone, specifically designed to be small, with on-board radio module and for low power applications.


  • Board size is 20×21.2mm (0.78″x0.83″)
  • Weighs 3 grams (0.11 oz)
  • Compatible with Arduino IDE
  • ATMega32U4 MCU, the same as processor used in the popular Arduino Leonardo
  • No need for external programmer to upload new sketch – just use micro USB cable
  • Equipped with 433/868 wireless RFM12B or RFM69CW transceiver module
  • Runs on 8 Mhz and can be powered from 2.7-3.3V power source, including coin cell battery
  • Low power operating mode

He also has a gateway board for the Raspberry to use as gateway to talk to wireless nodes such as the Funky and emonTXJeeNode, etc

PCB design

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 21.11.47

Fritzing is a useful PCB design editor and on their site ( you can as well find a lot designs shared by others.
I haven’t yet tried the Fritzing fab, to turn you design into a real pcb, but will put it on my wish list.

Make PCBs with laser printer

I’m now exploring what would be the easiest way to produce my own PCBs for small projects.

Here is interesting tutorial by Alberto Ricci Bitti that I am considering trying out.

And here is one page from Basic Audio on the same subject.

I am still looking for what was a tip on This week in Google where you could buy a small kit for $4 that would allow you to print to paper and solder right on that surface!