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Node red

IBM is very active in both open source as well as in IoT. Here is a very nice tool for anyone into integration of any sorts of data flow.

I have it installed on one of my Raspberry Pi’s and it allow me to visually create integration mixing hardware and software.

Head of to if you have yet see this.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 21.16.50

Update, 25 Jan 2016: Node Red is included in the Jessie build for Raspberry pi. After struggling to get the GPIO to work with my old build, I decided to start from scratch. It was worth it. Node red is now only a menu option away, works like a sharm.
Extra benefit: The new GUI in Jessie (if you don’t decide for the slim down version) is very nice.

One example of what I included as my first experiment:

I have motion running with a camera overlooking my garden and street. As soon motion is detected it sends an event to a MQTT broker I’m running on another Pi. Then I have a node flow that subscribes to that topic and makes a http against my Sonos system to play a short notification indicating ‘car is arriving’. The Sonos api is based on node (min version 4) by jishi.