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Video switching hardware for HDMI

I today got a hint about a very capable video capture box. LiveWedge from Cerevo can take 4 HDMI inputs for switching including chroma key and produce a video stream to Ustream and other services. You control all aspects including audio mixing via a webinterface from your tablet.
All under US 1000.
It was introduced at CES this year and as I understand they are initially targeting US and Japan markets. Would be great to get hands-on…

Got my chromecast stick


chromecast comes in a box with an usb-charger as well a as a short usb extender.


The device will create an initial wifi ssi but during the setup process you provide credentials to you normal wifi network to make it available from all y our connected devices (iOS, Android and chrome browsers).

Today I finally received my chromecast stick after having placed a wait-order by Bazula here in Sweden.

Plugged it into my Samsung 50″ and connected to it from the Mac. Could connect and provide wifi credentials for it to be able to join our network.

After that I ran into a constant series of issues with the chromecast app crashing and not being able to connect. The error page claimed the problem to be that our router should be set up change from “AP isolation enabled”.

However, that is not a setting on the Netgear WNR2000.

I finally got it to work after a router restart, and I as well temporary removed the wifi extender I use for the wifi.

Now I have tried it from my iPhone iOS7 as well as an Android based HTC One, works very nicely!

Find a youtube film, tap the chromecast button in the app (appears now that chromecast usb stick is visible in the wifi network) and the streaming starts streight from internet to the stick. I can even change to another smartphone to resume the control of the streaming.