Micro Finance Agreement

Microfinance organizations (MFIs) are commercial or not-for-profit entities with a constitution as banks that provide loans under Federal Law No. 151-FZ of July 2, 2010 entitled “On Microfinance Activities and Microfinance Organizations.” Loans can be made to citizens, businesses and individual entrepreneurs. The Bank of Russia controls MFO`s activities. This loan has a duration of seven to thirty days and is approximately half of the borrower`s monthly income. A loan and interest on the use of the money are repaid by a lump sum payment on the last day of the term set in the loan contract. This loan agreement will definitely come into effect from the last of these dates: the amount of the loan will be transferred by bank transfer to the borrower, the IFM via the Babyloan website on an account opened by ABC Microfinance. This transfer comes at a time when the amount required to refinance the beneficiary has been fully recovered online or after the date the recipient project can remain online. ABC Microfinance SAS 24, rue de l`Est, 75020 Paris, France – 33 9 81 09 87 85 contact@babyloan.org RCS Nanterre 502 860 919 Contract for payment services of MANGOPAY has the freedom to dispose of the funds borrowed in accordance with the terms of the loan agreement and that the conclusion of this document does not require an authorization that has not yet been granted to him; The borrower does not allocate the borrowed money in accordance with this loan agreement to refinance the beneficiary The borrower falls into his obligations, as defined in this loan agreement This loan, as certified by the borrower, is used for refinancing: this loan contract from the JSC Microfinance Organization Crystal, Georgia, demonstrates the importance of using simple and easy-to-understand language. In accordance with Smart Campaign`s Customer Protection Principle 2, financial institutions must disclose the prices, conditions and conditions of financial products in a transparent and appropriate manner.