Raspberry Pi

I bought my first Raspberry Pi (type B, 512MB) in early February 2013, installed RaspBMC and is using the device as a complementory mediaplayer next to my Apple TV.

On August 11th, 2013 I bough my 2nd device at Webhallen.se to have a unit available for more learning and lab.

I haven’t yet decided what it will be used for on a permanent basis but I am thinking along these lines:

  • Home automation. Have it control lights in our house while we are way.
  • Track energy consumption from our heater (ComfortZone CE50). It has a RS232 interface.
  • Motion detection camera in a surveillance setup.
  • Smarter remote control for the TV / home theater setup. To complement the Logitech Harmony remote control. It has some limitations that I would like to overcome.