Nunavut Collective Agreement

The Nunavut government and its unionized employees have begun discussions for a new collective agreement, the Nunavut union reported earlier this month. An agreement to ensure that no action is taken against a worker when his or her workplace benefit is suffering from domestic violence. According to the union, the error resulted in “unnecessary delays” in negotiations. “The defendant`s action is contrary to the obligation to make every reasonable effort to enter into a collective agreement.” According to the union, the Nunavut government proposed an overall increase of 33,807,738 $US in June for its northern allowances to workers during the duration of the new collective agreement. GN union members can learn about the collective bargaining process through this link. Now these negotiations are delayed and the union is seeking $50,000 in damages for lost time. The government has a duty to reach a new agreement quickly. The result was retroactive payments, divided into increments, to cover the difference between what the workers actually paid and what they would have paid if the agreement came into force in 2014. The Nunavut Employees Union says the Nunavut government violated the Public Service Act by negotiating with bad intent during negotiations on a new collective agreement for its employees. An agreement to ensure that information about workers who are victims of domestic violence is treated confidentially and kept away from their personal records, unless the employee agrees. While these difficult issues have not yet been addressed, the team is pleased that the first round of negotiations with the GN has been both positive and productive. The two sides initially made a good faith commitment to negotiate for a collective agreement, and the discussions that followed during the week were consistent with this obligation in tone and spirit. In this 2016 agreement, GN employees obtained wage increases of 2%, 1%, 1% and 2% each year from a four-year contract, with retroactive effect until October 2014.

At the end of October, the two sides were expected to sign mediation to conclude the agreement. But before mediation began, the financial service realized that it had not given the money it had promised. An agreement to allow workers who experience domestic violence to make reasonable demands for workstation redevelopment, reduced workload, transfers of jobs to other places or departments, changes to telephone numbers and screening for calls in the workplace to avoid obstructing phone calls. An agreement for the employee to identify a staff person trained in domestic violence and data protection issues, and for the employer to name the employee. An agreement to ensure that no action is taken against a worker when his or her workplace performance suffers from domestic violence.