Thames Valley Housing Tenancy Agreement

In most cases, we maintain most of your rental data up to [6] years after the end of your lease. However, some data we can get rid of during your lease if we no longer have reason to keep it. For full details of how long your personal data will last, you can contact us and request a full retention policy. The Thames Metropolitan Valley is the worst housing organisation. PSA do not follow government policies or policies and procedures they make there their own rules they do not practice what they preach, contractors without wearing protective clothing gloves and equipment and mask 😷 we are in a 😷 of the pandemic and they want to reduce the costs that we all need to get together and take them and ask you all… to ask your MP or the ombudsman to issue a second opinion. Second, because we have your consent (i.e. your consent) for us to process your personal data. Our residents are encouraged to sign a data protection consent form if they ask us for housing or later if they do not sign one when they received their first rent. The consent form defines the organizations and types of organizations with which we often have to share personal information about residents. According to the RGPD, consent is a legal basis for the processing of personal data. You can revoke your consent at any time.

This is explained below in the “Your Rights under the RGPD” section. MTVH must collect, process and store personal data about you and other members of the household (if you provide information about household members, we assume that you do so with all your knowledge and consent) to act as a registered housing provider and to provide effective and effective services. A rental agreement is a legal document that gives you all the rules relating to living on your property. We can get information from children if we are involved in the residential and rental aspects of a welfare case as part of an inter-agency work solution. As everyone has said, a star is generous. I owned my house in full service fees but paid mtvH for the communal estate. I sold and moved months ago and has been credited by many still it is impossible to repay. There is no monkey. I am so happy to no longer have a relationship with them and to warn others to stay away.

I have gone to the Housing Ombudsman and I have registered complaints, but I am not optimistic. The business are really horrible as they are still in business, is a miracle If you have a social housing rent with another owner, you can move into one of our real estate if you can arrange a mutual exchange. The HomeSwapper service is a good place to look. No, the terms of your lease or lease remain the same and you have the same rights and obligations as before. A trial rent is offered to new tenants who do not yet have a secure or secure rental agreement. These usually last 12 months and are like a “sample” period. If all goes well, you have paid your rent on time and you have not caused any neighbourhood problems, you settle in a secure rent. Depending on your circumstances and the type of property, this may be for a certain period, usually for 5 years, or it could be offered as a lifetime rent. A secure rental agreement means that you can live in the property during the agreed period, as long as you comply with the terms of the lease. This means that you pay your rent on time, that you will not cause neighbourhood problems and that you actually live in the dwelling as your home. The rental housing units of the housing company are often called social housing. Their construction is often financed, at least in part, by state subsidies.

This means that access to them is limited and the rent charged to them is subsidized. MTVH generally does not process information about children under a rental agreement, as all tenants are adults.